Shahzad Town Police ‘using sex-workers to mint money’

ISLAMABAD: It is indeed proving to be a very shameful situation for Islamabad Shahzad Town Police Station, that it has been supporting sex-centres, openly running in its jurisdictions and using sex-workers for blacking-mailing and looting innocent and helpless citizens.

According to reliable sources, there were dozens of sex-centres, which were openly operating in Alipur area Islamabad, from where the police were allegedly getting monthly “Bhatta” (bribe). In a recent incident, Assistant Sub-Inspector Najeebullah, had allegedly initiated fake complaints through a call girl against the five residents of Alipur, with allegations of raping, kidnapping and steeling items from a house.

In this connection, a white collared citizen, namely Muhammad Arif, was badly tortured by the prostitution gang and had his clothes torn apart at the premises of Shahzad Town Police in the presence of investigation officer, ASI Najeebullah. The said person managed to get released late at night from police custody temporarily after bribing the policemen.

Sheer Afzal (Jagi), Abid and their mother Maye Hakeem, were allegedly running three separate centres at Taramri Chowk, Chatha Bakhtawar and Bank Stop Jagiot Road. The call girl was associated with these centres who was allegedly instigated to file an application against the five citizens including Arif, Raja Shaheen, Nafees and Sayen Amjad.

In this case, some citizens were being victimised just for attempting to help an old woman who belonged to Lahore and came here to follow her missing daughter.

The old woman was spotted crying by a roadside by two residents of Alipur, who advised her to launch a complaint to the police through calling the number: 15. The police reached the spot and took her to Shahzad Town Police Station, the area where her daughter was residing. Later on, due to police intervention her daughter was produced at the police station but she refused to go with her mother and informed the police that she had arrived there willfully. Thus this matter was resolved and the old lady went back.

Sources said that after this, the ASI Najeebullah, initiated fake complaints through the same girl namely Iqra, against these persons who had earlier advised her mother to approach the police. The police had taken thousands of rupees from them as bribes to dismiss the complaints but the citizens were further being pressurised to give more money to the women and the police too. The girl had repeated her application for three times to add more names. The citizens informed this scribe that police and the centre operators were demanding Rs 20,000/- each to settle the issue.

When contacted, SHO Hakim Khan Niazi, of the concerned police station admitted that the woman who had lodged complaints against the citizens was a sex-worker and added that the nominated citizens were innocent. He admitted that it was an attempt by the prostitution gangs to get money from these people. He, however, said that it was not possible for the police to control the women or taken action against them.

ASI Najeebullah also admitted the wrongdoings of the prostitution gangs.